Hot Flow

Hot Flow is a challenging flow class where we turn up the heat to help the body release toxins from the inside out. This class is a balance of static and standing postures with vinyasa flow. Our Hot Flow class will work your entire body with a focus on building strength and helping to normalise weight from the benefits of the detoxifying Far Infrared (FIR) heat. The classes are heated to 38 degrees and are offered in Express 45 minute, 60 minute and 75 minute formats.


Powerflow is an energetic and dynamic class practiced in a Far Infrared (FIR) heated room with challenging postures that integrate a balance of strength and flexibility. Powerflow will challenge your cardiovascular fitness as you move, breathe, stretch and sweat in a vinyasa flow sequence. This class also focuses on building and engaging your core strength together with alignment for the ultimate workout. The classes are heated to 32 degrees and are offered in 45 and 60 minute formats.

Beginner Hot Flow

Beginner Hot Flow is held on Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm and is perfect for those who are new to yoga and want to break down the hot flow practice to understand key foundation and alignment points. Our Beginner Hot Flow class is a moderately paced vinyasa class practiced in a Far Infrared (FIR) heated room, which is still challenging and dynamic. Beginner Hot Flow welcomes you and wants to help you learn the ropes in this introductory class. We will answer your questions and teach a condensed vinyasa flow. Class is practiced in a room heated to 35 degrees and is moderately paced. Beginner Hot Flow classes are offered in a 60 minute format and currently on Wednesdays at 7.15pm.


Our Yin yoga classes are nourishing and grounding, with poses held between 3 to 5 minutes, which allow a deep release of tension in the fascia (connective tissue). A regular yin practice balances out our Power Flow and Hot classes and benefits include an increase in flexibility and greater joint mobility and improved flow of energy throughout the body. Yin yoga is a must if you are a regular cyclist, runner, cross-fitter or athlete/sports enthusiast. This class is practiced with props to support the body. Room is at an ambient 23-25 degrees - which is perfect if you don’t wish to break a sweat.


A passive yoga practice using long holds without any muscular effort, to allow the body to soften and release, offering a deep mental relaxation. The support of the body by props encourages the parasympathetic nervous system to respond, easing you out of stress and strain. Our Restore classes are a perfect practice for those needing to replenish their energy levels or for those suffering stress, recovering from injuries or illness or experiencing anxiety and/or insomnia. This class compliments our Power Flow and Hot classes and is a great option for those who prefer not to sweat on their lunch break. Class is held in an ambient room 25 degrees and offered in a 45 minute format.

Mindful Meditation

Our mindful meditation classes are designed to help you develop awareness within body and mind, and set intentions for learning to observe and accept what is happening in your practice without judgement. We will explore guided movement practice to soften the body, as well as seated meditation for a progressing rate of time. Classes are open to people of all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to those with an existing meditation practice. The classes are unheated is offered in 45 minute format.

Yin Yang Flow

This class will help you cultivate balance and strength through a blend of Yin and Yang yoga. This beautifully balanced class will leave you feeling both energised and with a calm sense of presence. This class will flow with basic postures to promote circulation (prana / energy) and then move to deep, long holds influencing the connective tissues in your body. Our Yin / Yang Flow incorporates the benefits from both styles of yoga in a 60 minute format.



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Intro Offer

2 weeks of unlimited hot yoga for $35. First time visitors only.