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Law Of Attraction Workshop - SOLD OUT!

Law Of Attraction Workshop - SOLD OUT!

With Nickie Hanley

Do you feel as though life is doing you? And that you are constantly asking, why me? Whether we are aware of it or not we are constantly manifesting and drawing experience to us like a magnet... so do you want to start consciously creating? And help those around you prosper from your powerful vibration? Here’s your opportunity join us..

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to the Laws of the Attraction & Vibration
  • Introduction to Quantum Physics
  • Skills and tools to help you get into your potential
  • Learn how to attract the life you truly want and deserve
  • Get prepared to be the conscious creator that you were born to be
  • Get really clear about what you want, how to get it
  • Create a practice that you can use moving forward into your abundant future!

If you truly want to make a change it starts with the desire to do so! There will be a vinyasa flow class, followed by meditation to prepare us vibrationally to be receptive to the laws of the universe. Then we will discuss the law of attraction and vibration, quantum physics and then manual practice to step into the vortex of possibility!

About Nickie Hanley:
Nickie began her journey of Yoga in 1995 using the physical practice as a tool to remain supple for her professional dancing career. Since being qualified as a yoga teacher, Nickie has created her own unique style of Vinyasa flow. Her style is smooth, strength building, continuously flowing that has a spiritual awareness. Nickie has a deep understanding that yoga is a journey that is forever developing and requires continuous study. She is always looking for new & exciting ways to expand her repertoire of work. Nickie has dedicated her own practice & teachings to helping others find the blessings of Yoga, whether it is through asana or meditation, so that they can find peace and joy off the mat.

Investment: $45/members 15% off*
Date: Sunday 12 November @ MOVE yoga
Time: 12pm to 2.30pm



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