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21 Day Challenge - Started!

21 Day Challenge - Started!

Sweat, Strength, Detox, Practise, Challenge, Change

Want powerful change in your life? Let the revolution begin now! With our Challenge to Change program, you will be inspired to transform more than just your body and mind. You will be given the tools you need to set yourself free to live the abundant, healthy and enriched life you’ve always imagined. Throughout the Challenge to Change program you will create a whole new way of being and living by developing a committed yoga and meditation practice, journaling and getting clear on what you want. Join our 21 Day Challenge to Change lead by Bobby Hancock, as he guides you through an intensive & transformational 21 Day journey.

$50 members* (log into MBO to see option)
$179 non-members* (incl. 21 days of unlimited yoga classes between period 4 Aug to 24 Aug)

Meeting Dates:
Thursdays @ 7.30 to 8.30pm (meeting only - no practise)
3 August (opening meeting)
10 August
17 August
24 August (closing meeting)

21 Day period:
4 August - 24 August 2017

Challenge Includes:-

  • 6 Yoga practices a week (5 in studio, 1 home practice, 1 day of rest)
  • Non-member package includes unlimited access to regularly scheduled yoga classes
  • A journal to record your experience, physical, emotional and overall consciousness
  • Weekly support group held on Thursdays at 7.30pm • Daily guided meditation
  • Giving up 1 or more unproductive habit(s) for the duration of the Challenge
  • Nutritional support
  • Incorporating 1 new virtue for the duration of your Challenge
  • Progress chalkboard in studio to track your journey

One week of unlimited yoga FREE, if you successfully complete the 21 Day Challenge to Change!

*Earlybird, fortnightly DD, 3,4, 8 & 12 month. Exc. 1 month. *Unlimited access to regularly scheduled classes. Non-members - one month memberships and all class packs will be put on hold for the duration of the Challenge. See our Terms for more info..

Learn to Fly - Arm Balance workshop

Learn to Fly - Arm Balance workshop


Join our 2.5 hour Learn to Fly Arm Balance Workshop with Nick Elliseos to advance your inversion practise! During the workshop you will develop the fundamentals of a successful arm balance and handstand practice, starting wth warm up sequences, upper body conditioning, strength exersices, core stability and recovery stretches to maintain a healthy balance within your joints and muscles. Build your confidence, balance and body awareness allowing you to transform from no handstand experience, or even a fear of being upside down into a practitioner who can fly strong. Join Nick for this fun, interactive workshop, that will truly leave you with an abundance of resources and insights.

Asanas include:-
Chaturanga; Bakasana (Crow pose); Handstand; Pincha Mayurasana; Scorpian

Key Benefits:

  • Identify of the main muscles around the shoulder that need to be stabilized, mobilized and strengthened
  • Strengthening postures, with a focus on Chaturanga technique, to build stability within the shoulder girdle
  • Strengthening of core muscles and connection between upper and lower body
  • Safe progressions using props to assist students into weight bearing on the hands
  • Tools to take to your regular yoga practice and classes.

$45 non-members
Members* %15 discount

Saturday 26th August @ MOVE yoga
12pm to 2.30pm

*Member includes all students on unlimited memberships including but not limited to Earlybird, direct debit, 1 month, 4 month, Winter Warmer. Not available on class packs or Intro Offers.

MOVIE Night 22nd September

MOVIE Night 22nd September

Captain Fantastic

Bring a friend or family member, grab a blanket, bolster & snuggle in for a night of light hearted fun with familiar & new faces at MOVE Yoga! Popcorn & refreshments provided for a $5 donation, with all proceeds going to our favourite charity.
Date: 22nd September
Time: 6.30pm doors open 7.30pm start
Investment: $5 Charity donation
Info: light nibbles & drinks provided
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC: In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent.
Rated M
IMDB Score: 7.9
1hr 58 min
Mentor Program

Mentor Program

Details will be released shortly!





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