Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs Once And for All

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Every one of us carry’s around an outrageous amount of limiting beliefs without even knowing it. As young children we are reinforced from a number of sources these beliefs at the time we believed they were reality. And that makes sense, because as human beings we want to learn from those in a place of authority. But what if that learning is inaccurate. Unfortunately, these limiting beliefs have more negative impact on your life that any thing else and they are fundamentally the cause of dissatisfaction.

The awesome thing is that we all have the ability to identify them in a moment, and replace them with a belief that is going to empower you.. not hold you back!

But before you start to pick apart your life and all that is negative, first you must meet yourself where you are at. You must identify your beliefs first and its important to keep everything in perspective.

We all have tons of limiting beliefs, but actually most of them are irrelevant. First we need to begin with the ones that are having the biggest impact on your life right now. When you’ve dealt with those, you can deal with the others.

But where do I begin? 

Firstly, List Your DemonsComplete this sentence "I am afraid that…" and finish the sentence ten times with things that you are afraid of. The sentences that come out in this stage are your limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Face Your Demons. Under each of your limiting beliefs write 5 reasons why you fear those things. This is really digging into the core of these issues and is often more surprising than the beliefs themselves. Notice the fear that comes up at this stage as a reminder that you are about to change something in your life that is holding you back.

Knock Your Demons Out. This step is about disproving your limiting beliefs. Think of everything in your life (no matter how big or small they may seem) that stands in contrast to your old limiting belief and make note of them.

Re-write Your Beliefs. Now here is the empowering part. Briefly reference the old belief, and then in a realistic but compelling manner, state the new empowered belief for each of your ten limiting beliefs.

Lastly, Mental Chains. Keep a watch out for new limiting beliefs that are thrown at you by others and retain a level of skepticism towards any advice that is thrown your way DAILY. Whenever people say phrases such as "you should…", or "the only way to…", then you can be fairly certain that a limiting belief is being tossed your way. Learn to recognise these statements that someone is putting their limiting belief on you, acknowledge them with compassion, and move on..



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